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Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas
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Area 51 Tours and Photo Adventure
Vegas Tours Delivers 360 of Solid Gold Las Vegas Tours and Adventure  
Tour Codeo19
Duration:  8 hrs approx.
Via: Desert Jeep

The Truth is Out There... 
After an incredibly scenic drive from Las Vegas, and viewing of ancient Indian petroglyphs that resemble aliens, we arrive at the amazing and very remote, Little A'le' Inn. This location has been the host of numerous documentaries and movies including "Independence Day." Here you will find a wealth of information on this top-secret area.

     Internet Price  $179.00 - Save $26.00!

Where the Aliens Go to be Tourists...
Captain Chuck Clark, an ex-airforce captain, has written a manual on area 51, which is available for sale.   After a great Alien Burger at the Little A'le' Inn we will travel to the location of the infamous Black Mailbox and then to the absolute perimeter of Area 51 through a strange and deformed Joshua Tree Forest. We will see the guards (The Men In Black), detection devices, listening devices and cameras mounted among the cactus. The signs read, "The Use of Deadly force Authorized" and I'm sure they mean it. You can wave at the heavily armed guards in the 4x4 parked on the desert hillside but they don't wave back, they just watch from behind their darkened windows.

As much as the United States Air Force has denied the existence of this base, we know it is there but no one knows what it is they do there. We will also travel through some very remote areas to a mysterious dry lake where recent sightings of UFO's have been observed and where we will see more Ancient Indian Petroglyphs that resemble Aliens. This is an Extreme tour to the world's most top secret military facility, the real home of the X files.

There is a mountain top location where we can see the air base itself although it is a very dangerous 5 hour ascent on foot and not for the weak of heart. (The mountain top climb requires a special charter tour with overnight camping.)

Click image for a larger view >


Your Area 51 Tour and Photo Adventure Includes:
  • Hotel pick-up and return 
  • Scenic drive to the perimeter of Area 51
  • Lunch at the world famous Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, NV
  • The Joshua Tree Forest
  • Exciting Photo Opportunities
  • Multiple stops with exploration
  • Professional well informed guides 

    Departs: Wednesdays @ 7:00am
    Duration: 8 hrs approx, hotel to hotel 
    Tour Code: o19

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